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Code Newbie Podcast

March 19, 2015 RSS Feed


The Code Newbie website and community are priceless tools for beginners. They offer several resources to help you along your programming journey.

My favorite of these resources is the podcast. The interviewer and founder of Code Newbie, Saron Yitbarek, does an absolutley fantastic job at keeping the podcast organic as well as informative.

There are plenty of podcasts I listen to that forget that not all listeners can keep up with pacing and terminology. Saron does a tremendous job of having herself and guests re-clarify things when they start to get abstract. Even the tone of her voice is very calm and reassuring which I think rubs off on the guests and allows them to be very natural during the interview.

Subject Matter

The shows them selves each feature one guest and range from subjects like…

This month Code Newbie is teaming up with another one of my favorite podcasts Hansel Minutes and doing March is for Makers. Each podcasts in the month of March involve hardware, and both shows have had really good content so far.

Bottom Line

You do not have to be a beginner to appreciate all of the amazing things Code Newbie has to offer. Go head over to the website now and become part of a wonderful community.