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November 22, 2020 https://www.mineswept.io

MineSwept.io is web app that allows users to play the classic Mine Sweeper game on ALL devices.

I built MineSwept.io after listening to a podcast by Jason Swett featuring Tyler Williams. They discuss applicable solutions for syncing the Back & Front-End for a Poker game.

I had always wanted to build a mine sweeper clone. The requirements/rules are fairly simple, and the mechanics were perfect for implementing some of the solutions referenced in the podcast.

Right now the backend generates the game boards, and the front-end uses a StimulusJS controller to handle spot logic. My goal is to build a game mode where multiple users can play on the same board, using Action Cable/Stimulus Reflex.

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Tech Stack

  • Ruby on Rails
  • StimulusJS
  • TailwindCSS


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